Organic Millet & Lavender Therapy Pillow

$ 55.00

- shell: 100% cotton
- filling: organic millet (~94%) & dried lavender (~6%), approx. 5 lbs.

19x19", flat

Care Instructions:
- Remove filling before washing case
- Wash cold or warm water
- Tumble dry low

- Sturdy and wide mouth zipper allows for the easy removal or addition of millet to fit your perfect level of comfort and support.  
- All natural cotton fabric is soft to the touch and allows for breathability.  
- Organic millet and dried lavender means no harsh chemicals or toxins, and it means you'll experience a much softer grain feeling compared to buckwheat hulls!  
- This pillow is filled with what we think is the perfect amount of millet for multi-purpose support, however, simply add a pound to your cart if you need more! See separate product listing.

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