20x20" Pillow Cases

$ 30.00

Protect your millet pillow with a gorgeous and functional pillow case.  Pick your favorite pattern, or collect them all!  Our patterns are always changing, so check back soon for new designs!

100% cotton
20x20", flat

Long, invisible zipper on one side for comfort, seamless appearance, and to keep millet pillow snugly inside of case.  Who wants a millet pillow falling out of a regular, too-big, floppy pillow case?  Not us!

Care Instructions:
Wash in warm water
Tumble dry low

Note: Some pillow cases may vary from images shown because of the nature of the pattern and the colors may vary slightly on different monitors.  Cases are shown on a millet pillow to show suggested use.  This item is for the decorative pillow case only; millet-filled pillow may be purchased separately.


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