Cervical Pillow Insert

$ 30.00

This pillow was designed to support the natural curve in your neck. Filled with organic millet for support and kapok for fluffy softness, this pillow is a wonderful natural alternative to pillows with synthetic fillers. This pillow is about half the size of Dr. Seleme's 20x20" millet pillows, making it great for travel. To reintroduce the proper cervical curve, rest on the pillow for 5 minute increments, gradually building up to sleeping on it overnight. 

See separate listing for decorative cervical pillow case.


- Sturdy and wide mouth zippers allows for the easy removal or addition of millet or kapok (& any other therapeutic additions like crystals, herbs, and essential oils) to fit your ideal level of comfort and support. Outer zipper is invisible for a seamless appearance and comfortable feel. Inner zipper is nylon for durability. See our variety of beautiful prints--you'll want to collect them all!
- All natural cotton fabric is soft to the touch and allows for air flow.
- Organic millet, dried lavender, and kapok means no harsh chemicals or toxins.
- Millet, dried, lavender, and kapok mixture means you'll experience a much softer and fluffier feeling compared to crunchy, and hard-feeling buckwheat hulls.
- This pillow is filled with what we think is the perfect amount of millet and kapok for multi-purpose support. As mentioned above, you can remove or add millet or kapok--simply add a pound to your cart if needed!


- 100% cotton cases
- 100% organic millet, lavender, & kapok


19x9", flat
Filled pillow is approximately 19" x 9" x 4"


- Empty hulls and kapock into a separate container before washing.
- Wash warm water
- Air dry or tumble dry low

Handmade in the USA

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