Enema Coffee, 1 lb., Medium Roast

$ 17.00

Use this specially made coffee for your enema. PureLife Enema Coffee is uniquely  "Air Roasted" using  Speciality Grade beans. A class of its own.  These are the most expensive beans you can buy.  Purelife Enema Coffee is the "Cleanest Coffee" available in the world today for a superior liver detoxification. 100% free of fungus or mold and other contaminants.

The coffee is grown in South America, and not China.  It is processed here in the USA and made fresh daily.

This "Air Roast" method eliminates any chance of a toxic residue being left on the bean, which does occur if you buy traditional fire/drum roasted coffee.  This Air Roast method also increases the potency of the caffeine and contains the potent compounds necessary to stimulate the liver bile ducts for detoxification.

PureLife Enema Coffee is 100% USDA Certified Organic. Because the liver needs the cleanest coffee, Purelife Enema Coffee is also certified and tested for organic origins and purity by a 2nd agency, Oregon Tilth. No other company does this.

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